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In this practice, you are encouraged to use the support of a chair. At the end of the practice, you are invited to enjoy a nice long relaxing stretch in a resting restorative pose for neck and shoulders. You can either use two yoga blocks for the restorative pose, or two medium-sized blankets/or thick towels. You can remain in the restorative pose for as long as you like! Happy stretching. To access the yoga video, please click here: https://youtu.be/SHz81UEXQBk

Pratipaksha BhavanaPratipaksha Bhavana means “cultivating opposites” or “moving to the opposite state of being.” In this practice, rather than suppressing or judging challenging emotions, we welcome them in and get to know them better. We notice how these emotions feel in our body, and how they influence our thoughts and beliefs. We then explore what the opposite of that feeling might be, so that we are aware of the greater spectrum of experience that is available to us in this moment. We are not performing surgery on our emotions or putting on a fake happy face; we are practicing our ability to feel our emotions fully from a place of loving-kindness toward ourselves. We are learning to have greater flexibility of the heart: being capable of holding space for more than one emotion at a time. We are cultivating our capacity to invoke feelings of peacefulness, compassion and loving-kindness that can sit alongside our feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger and insecurity. In this way, our challenging emotions feel less consuming, we can zoom in and out at will, and we can be mindful of harmful thoughts that are attracted to strong emotion. 

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