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Chair Pilates on Thursday Mornings



Thursdays 9:15am – 10:15am

Pilates in a chair is more fun and more challenging than you think! Using a sturdy, armless chair as a supportive prop in pilates yields new and creative options for many of the most classic pilates exercises for stretching and strengthening! This class incorporates light dumbbells and resistance bands to help build strength, joint stabilization, and bone density. However, the exercises can also be done without weights or bands and you will still receive plenty of strengthening and toning benefits.

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Community Resting: Deep Relaxation Practice

Sunday, April 24th 2pm – 3:15 on Zoom  ~  Free / Donations Welcome

Yoga Nidra is a 40-minute guided lying-down meditation practice that induces deep relaxation and peaceful states of awareness. Practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra helps to heal the nervous system, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and promotes a sense of inner balance, clarity, joy, and compassion.  This session will begin with very gentle tension-relieving stretches which can be done seated in a chair or on a mat; the lying-down portion of the practice can be done lying on the floor or in your bed with or without the support of blankets and pillows. This practice is beginner-friendly and it is suitable for all bodies and ages. Everyone is welcome to participate and this session is offered free with the option to make a donation. Please email Jenne for the Zoom link:

Monthly Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a guided lying-down meditation that induces deep relaxation and peaceful states of awareness. The hour-long session begins with very gentle tension-relieving stretches that can be done seated in a chair or on the floor. Release anxiety, improve sleep, and access inner calm, compassion, and clarity. No prior yoga experience is required. Participants who are working with injury, illness and physical limitations will find this class to be highly accessible and healing. Held on Zoom, an online conferencing space that is easy to use and accessible by phone, tablet or computer.

Hosted by the North Carolina Arboretum. 

Upcoming dates:

Sunday, March 20th   2pm – 3:15  REGISTER

Sunday, April 24th   2pm – 3:15  REGISTER


Clear Mind, Relaxed Body: Developing a Meditation Practice


6-Week Meditation Series
Six Thursdays Evenings; 6pm – 7:30
February 10th – March 16th

Regular meditation practice improves mental clarity and emotional well-being while reducing the effects of stress on the body and the brain. In this series, we will cover the fundamentals of developing a healthy relationship with meditation practice. Classes consist of lecture, Q&A, and practice. Seated meditation (on chair or cushion), lying-down meditation, and gentle moving meditation will all be explored.

Classes take place virtually via Zoom, an easy-to-use online conference space that you can access by phone, tablet or computer. Classes consist of lecture, discussion and practice. Participants will be provided reading materials and recorded practices to explore at home between classes. Each class will be recorded: if you miss a session, you can access it at a later date. No prior experience required. Beginners welcome! Hosted by the North Carolina Arboretum on Zoom.



Weekly Classes

Want to attend a class on Zoom?
Your first class is free. Simply email Jenne ( so she can send you the upcoming class links. Attend subsequent classes by purchasing a pack of class passes or by signing up for a monthly membership. To learn more about a specific class, please click on the class title below. All classes are gentle, accessible, and beginner-friendly, with the exception of Yoga-Inspired Pilates and Mindful Flow (which require careful attention to working at your own pace and honoring your own body’s needs).

Classes on Zoom

Mondays 9:30 – 10:30am EST
Chair-Supported Yoga

Mondays 11am – Noon EST
Yoga-Inspired Pilates

Tuesdays 10am – 11:10 EST
Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga

Wednesdays 11am – Noon EST
Yoga for Arthritis & Osteoporosis

Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm EST
Community Meditation

Thursdays 9:15am – 10:15 EST
Chair Pilates

Fridays 11am – Noon EST
Yin & Restorative Yoga (Resting Yoga)

Outdoor Classes at The North Carolina Arboretum

The following are outdoor small-group classes I lead at the NC Arboretum. All are gentle, mindfully-paced, and beginner-friendly. Yoga in Nature requires the ability to get up and down off of the ground; Tai Chi and Qigong are all-standing practices. Class size is limited to 12 participants and we maintain healthy physical distance (mask optional). With the exception of Tai Chi, you may register for a single class or for the entire series.

Walking Meditation & Qigong  Fridays 9am – 10am
August 19th – September 23rd REGISTER

Tai Chi 10 Form Wednesdays 9am – 10am 
Sept 7th – Oct 26th – Registration Not Yet Open

Gentle Yoga in Nature Thursdays 11am – Noon  
Sept 8th – Oct 13th – Registration Not Yet Open

Wellness Membership

Monthly members enjoy access to The Mind-Body Library, an archive of over 100 pre-recorded video & audio practices, including gentle yoga, chair yoga, vinyasa flow, pilates, gentle chair-based pilates, qigong, tai chi, resting yoga, guided meditation and guided relaxation. Choose from a wide variety of practice options that vary in length from quick 10-minute practices to full one-hour classes. Monthly members also enjoy free or discounted Zoom classes every week, depending on level of membership. Member levels are as follows:

$9/month. Affordable access to The Mind-Body Library (does not include Yoga Nidra or Mantra practices). Discount on live Zoom classes.

$15/month. Full access to The Mind-Body Library, including Yoga Nidra recordings and educational Mantra practices. Discount on live Zoom classes.

$30/month. Attend 5 Zoom classes per month ~ PLUS ~ full access to The Mind-Body Library, including Yoga Nidra recordings and educational mantra practices. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$50/month. Attend 9 Zoom classes per month ~ PLUS ~ full access to The Mind-Body Library, including Yoga Nidra recordings and educational mantra practices. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$60/month. Attend unlimited Zoom classes ~ PLUS ~ full access to The Mind-Body Library, including Yoga Nidra recordings and educational mantra practices. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

To take a peek at The Mind-Body Library –> CLICK HERE

To become a member –> CLICK HERE

Gift Certificates

PURCHASE a Class or a Set of Classes: Gift Certificate

PURCHASE Private Yoga Therapy: Gift Certificate

Nurture a loved one in your life with the gift of wellness and stress relief. Give the gift of a single class, a set of classes, or a private one-on-one yoga therapy session. Yoga therapy sessions offer specific stretches, postural exercises, meditation techniques, guided relaxation, breathing practices, and other mind/body interventions that are personally tailored to each individual’s health concerns and wellness goals. Individual sessions are ideal for loved ones who need help addressing specific physical health issues or getting one-on-one physical or mental health support.

Your gift certificate can be mailed to you or loved one  ~ OR ~ emailed to you or your loved one on the same day of purchase or on a later date of your choosing. All group classes are held over Zoom at this time. Private sessions can be done in-person or over Zoom.

$10 for a single class

$32 for 4-classes

$60 for 8-classes

$80 for an individual session

$350 for 5 individual sessions

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