Yoga therapy addresses specific health concerns, personal suffering, and life challenges through evidence-based mind/body practice, in accordance with each individual’s needs, capacities, and goals. Yoga therapy comprises a wide range of mind/body practices from breathing and relaxation exercises to postural and meditation techniques. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of mind/body practice to support personal healing, and to work toward optimal physical and mental health while building resiliency. The long-term goals of Yoga Therapy include:

  • reducing the symptoms of suffering that can be reduced
  • learning to manage the symptoms that cannot be reduced
  • rooting out causes wherever possible
  • identifying maladaptive movement patterns and psychological habits
  • fostering positive neuroplasticity

Unlike a traditional yoga class, you will work directly with a highly educated and experienced instructor who can guide you along your personal path of healing through yoga and meditation. Your body will be the most important teacher as we adapt practices to meet your physical and emotional needs.

Yoga is a system of self-care. Yoga does not require physical fitness or flexibility, and it is not about twisting your body into a pretzel. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. The Sanskrit word yoga—from yujir: to yoke, to unite—implies a human journey toward wholeness. The philosophy and practices of yoga and meditation are a sophisticated technology, providing us with simple, practical tools to bring peace to our bodies, hearts, and minds.

Evidence-based research ranks yoga and meditation among the most effective preventative and complementary therapies to traditional western medicine. A strongly emerging field in self-care, wellness, and disease prevention, yoga therapy endeavors to support and strengthen the whole person. Mainstream initiatives like Dr. Dean Ornish’s Lifestyle Management Program are placing yoga and mindfulness front and center as fundamental tools for shaping healthier lifestyles, regulating the nervous system, and providing relief and accelerated healing for the many forms of suffering that arise in our lives.

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Senior Yoga

Examples of conditions treated:

Generalized Anxiety


Social Anxiety Disorder



Attention Deficit Disorder & ADHD

Parkinson’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Surgery Recovery

Injury Recovery

Acute Illness Recovery

Asthma & other reactive airway conditions

PVFM & Vocal Cord Dysfunction

RSD & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Sciatica pain

Sacroiliac Joint pain

Piriformis Syndrome

Spinal Fusion


Hip / Knee Replacement



Difficulty with balance

Mobility issues