4-Day 🌱 At-Home 🌱 Online Meditation Immersion

Thursday July 25th – Sunday July 28th / Summer Weekend Retreat

Participants choose their own level of participation and design their own personal retreat according to what feels most supportive for each person’s schedule, wellness needs, and aspirations at this time (for example: once per day practice, twice per day practice, full schedule, etc).

All retreat sessions are held on Zoom. Registrants receive a pre-retreat handout with suggestions for creating an at-home meditation space as well as other ways to create the right conditions for a successful at-home retreat experience.

Five practice sessions offered each day, from Thursday through Saturday. One practice session on Sunday morning is followed by an optional group reflection to close the retreat.

Monthly Deep Rest Yoga Nidra

2nd Sundays / 2pm – 3:10

Yoga Nidra is a guided lying-down meditation that induces deep relaxation and peaceful states of awareness. Research highlights how Deep Rest practices can release cumulative stress from the body and brain, reducing inflammation and down-regulating stress-hormone arousal while harnessing the body and brain’s natural abilities to heal and recover with focused, structured rest. 

Community Meditation

Free gentle yoga + meditation session every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 7:50 on Zoom. Seated tension-release on a chair or a cushion (your preference), breath-work or visualization to release distress from the nervous system, lightly guided seated meditation, concludes with a progressive relaxation that can be done lying-down or in a reclined position.

All are welcome. No prior experience necessary. This practice can be done in a chair, on the floor, on your couch, or in your bed. To join the group, simply email Jenne so she can send you the Zoom link ➡️ info@jennesluder.com