Qigong means “cultivation of life-energy.” Tai Chi practice comes from Qigong and shares many similar movements. Instead of a set sequence like in Tai Chi, Qigong consists of a wide variety of slow, flowing individual movements that release tension, balance the nervous system, optimize joint mobility, and improve circulation of blood, lymph, oxygen and vital energy through the whole body. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of qigong in improving physical coordination and balance, improving mental focus and cognitive health, increasing bone density, improving joint stability and mobility, and improving cardiopulmonary health. Practice of qigong is mind-calming and activates the body’s relaxation response. Qigong increases attention, awareness, and self-compassion, while reducing symptoms of anxiety, trauma, and depression. Qigong practices are often done in a standing position, but most of these practices can also be done seated in a chair if that is more supportive for your body’s needs at this time.

Qigong for Quiet Healing (20 mins)

Qigong for Inner Light during Solstice (20 mins)

Qigong for Energy & Clarity (30 mins)

7-minutes to Inner Peace (Chair-friendly Seated Moving Meditation)

12 Posture Qigong (25 mins)

5 Healing Sounds of Qigong (15 mins)

Earth Element Qigong for Grounding & Anxiety-Reduction (15 mins)

Qigong Tune-Up (25 mins)

The Eight Silken Brocades (25 mins)

Feel Peaceful in 10 minutes (Qigong Moving Meditation)

Qigong: Happy Joints & Clear Mind (25 mins)


Tai Chi 10 Form introduces the signature movements of Tai Chi Chuan in a simplified and compact sequence. A wonderful practice for beginners, participants will learn the basic principles of each movement as well as modifications to accommodate individual needs. Tai chi is a safe and effective form of meditative exercise consisting of relaxed and focused movements that clear the mind and relax the nervous system while improving balance, strength, flexibility, stability, coordination, joint health, memory and attentional skills.

Learning Tai Chi 10 Form: Part One (15 mins)

Learning Tai Chi 10 Form: Part Two (15 mins)

Learning Tai Chi 10 Form: Part Three (25 mins)

Learning Tai Chi 10 Form: Part Four (20 mins)

Learning Tai Chi 10 Form: Part Five (20 mins)


Seated in a Chair: Tai Chi 10 Form (20 mins)