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8 Guided Relaxations / Lying-Down Meditations with Jenne Sluder

This Guided Rest album contains 4 hours of guided relaxation and lying-down meditations. Varying in length from 15-minutes to 35-minutes, these Yoga Nidra practices will bring lasting transformation to the health of your nervous system, improving your sleep and brain function; reduce inflammation and reverse chronic health issues; explore the finer skills and healing power of relaxation, rest, and a calm nervous system. Unwind, come back to the present, and touch the peace that is available to you in this moment. Purchase Guided Rest: Yoga Nidra Meditations

7 Guided Meditations with Jenne Sluder

This Guided Meditation album contains 3 hours of practices. Each practice varies in length from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and can be done in a seated or lying-down position. Themes include anxiety reduction, returning to stillness, cultivating equanimity, releasing and renewing, building joy, increasing self-compassion, and calm-abiding. Strengthen emotional regulation, attentional skills, mental clarity, self-kindness, internal locus of control, and reduce the effects of stress on the body and the brain. Purchase Guided Meditations with Jenne

Entire Music Library (3 Albums) – Hymns to the Earth / Having Gone Far / High Anxiety Sessions

Purchase all three of Jenne’s music albums at a discounted price + receive 2 bonus tracks. Available as a digital audio files (for computer, phone, or tablet) or as a physical CD set. Purchase Jenne’s Entire Music Library (3 Albums)

Hymns to the Earth – Jenne Sluder with Clark Williams – Published 2016

Created in collaboration with tenor vocalist Clark Williams, Jenne’s most recent release is a collection of sung mantras and hymns from across the globe. Purchase Hymns to the Earth

Having Gone Far, I Return (2014) Jenne Sluder (Original Compositions)

This self-published ‘living room recording’ of original songs affords an intimacy unlike any of Jenne’s other albums. Purchase Having Gone Far, I Return

High Anxiety Sessions (2010) Jenne Sluder (Original Compositions)

Released in 2010, High Anxiety Sessions was Jenne’s first professional recording in a small studio in Brooklyn, New York. Raw and powerful, soothing and soulful, High Anxiety Sessions captures Jenne’s unique and resonant voice as a songwriter of honest talent. Purchase High Anxiety Sessions