Quick Pilates Practices:

Pilates Quickie! Focus on Curls (20 mins)

Pilates Quickie! Focus on Leg Lifts (25 mins)

Intermediate Pilates – Quickie Practice! Focus on Upper Body Strength (30 mins)

Beginner-Friendly Pilates Practice:

Gentle Beginner-Friendly Pilates – Core Strength (40 mins)

Gentle Beginner-Friendly Pilates with Dumbbells (40 mins)

Knee & Core Strength + Stability (60 mins)

Intermediate Pilates:

Pilates with a Resistance Band (45 mins)

Pilates with a Ball! Core-Strength Focus (40 mins)

Pilates: Kick Your Own Butt … Mindfully (50 mins)

Intermediate Pilates Practice – Whole Body (60 mins)

Intermediate Pilates Long Practice – Focus on Upper Body Strength (55 mins)

Everything Bagel! Pilates (45 mins)

Chair Pilates:

Chair Pilates! (40 mins)

Chair Pilates: Seated Resistance Band (25 mins)

Chair Pilates w/ Light Cardio (50 mins)

Intermediate Chair Pilates (50 mins)


15-min Rebounder Fitness / Mini-Trampoline Practice

18-min Rebounder Dance Party!!!


Vinyasa Flow is a form of yoga that flows fairly quickly from pose to pose and incorporates more physically-demanding poses to build heat, energy, and strength in the body. Please be mindful and honor your body as you move through these practices. The most advanced form of yoga practice is not being able to push through physically-demanding poses, but rather to be able to maintain mindful awareness of your body, your breath, and your present moment experience throughout the whole practice, while engaging the practice as a way to deepen how we care for ourselves and for others.

Strength-Building Flow Yoga (40 mins)

Mindful Flow for the Whole Body (40 mins)

Flow Yoga to Nourish Vitality (40 mins)

Mindful Flow with Core Strengthening (60 mins)