Seated & Standing Practices:

Winter Blues B Gone! (25 mins)

Happy Feet! Yoga for Balance & Healthy Feet (35 mins)

Energy Boost! Chair-Supported Yoga (50 mins)

Chair Yoga for Hips & Lower Back (40 mins)

Chair Yoga for Chest, Shoulders & Neck (40 mins)

Chair Yoga to Stretch, Strengthen & Stabilize Joints (60 mins)

Chair-Supported Whole Body Tension Release (60 mins)

Chair-Supported Stress Release + Spinal Release (60 mins)

All-Seated Practices:

Seated Joint Health Practice (30 mins)

The Ultimate Neck & Shoulder Relief Sequence (20 mins)

Seated Tai Chi (20 mins)

Chair-Supported Yoga for Low Back, Neck & Shoulders (35 mins)

Gentle Yoga (Chair-friendly): Stretch 7 Ways (7 mins)

Seated Stress Release for Mind & Body (25 mins)

Seated Practice: Opening Up the Back, Neck & Joints (30 mins)

All Lying-Down Practices (can be done lying-down on your bed or on the floor):

All Lying-Down Gentle Yoga (50 mins)

Lying-Down Stretches for the Whole Body (20 mins)

Lying-Down Stretches for Low Back & Hips (10 mins)

Lying-Down: Lower Back Relief in 10 mins

Seated & Lying-Down Practices (can be done seated in a chair and then lying-down on your bed or on the floor):

Therapeutic Yoga for the Thoracic Spine (35 mins)

Chair Fitness / Chair Pilates Practices:

Knee & Core Strength + Stability (60 mins)

All-Seated Resistance Band Exercises (25 mins)

All-Seated Chair Pilates! (40 mins)

All-Seated Chair Pilates w/ Light Cardio (50 mins)

Intermediate Chair Pilates (50 mins)

Chair Pilates with a mini-Pilates Ball! (50 mins)