Meditating in Stillness (can be done either Seated or Lying-Down):

Guided Meditation: Anxiety Release (14 mins)

Tonglen Meditation: Working with Suffering (15 mins)

Return to Stillness Meditation (18 mins)

Guided Meditation: Letting Go Visualization (10 mins)

Sunyata Meditation: Progressive Relaxation & Breathwork (10 mins)

Loving-Awareness Meditation (8 mins)

Pratipaksha Bhavana: Cultivating Equanimity (20 mins)

ABC Breathing to Improve HRV, Vagal Tone & Self-Compassion (15 mins)

Gentle Moving Meditation:

7-minutes to Inner Peace (Seated Practice)

Seated Hand Mudra Meditation: Return to Center (20 mins)

Seated Self-Compassion & Releasing Worry Practice (15 mins)

Indoor Walking Meditation (12 mins)

Bowing to the 10 Directions – Standing/Bowing Meditation (7 mins)

Lying-Down Meditation:

Lying-Down Breathing Practice for Relaxation & Respiratory Health (10 mins)

Calm & Centered: Dantien Abiding Meditation (10 mins)

Chanting Meditation & Mantra Practice:

Here & Now / Clear & Calm (10 mins)

SA TA NA MA for Brain Health & Improving Memory (20 mins)

Om Mani Padme Hum for Opening the Heart (15 mins)

Medicine Buddha Mantra for Healing (15 mins)

Lokah Samastha: Prayer for All Beings (10 mins)

Heart Sutra for Awakening to our True Self (14 mins)

Green Tara Mantra for Compassion & Protection (18 mins)

Om Satyam Param Dimahi for a Focused Mind (10 mins)