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2024 Online Class Schedule

Plant the Seeds of Well-Being 🌱

Enjoy an introductory week of free classes with Moving Mountain Wellness Community on Zoom ✨

Get to know our warm and good-humored online practice community. Explore the wide variety of health and wellness activities that our weekly schedule has to offer. Move at your own pace, honor your body’s unique needs, and let curiosity and self-compassion guide the way in every practice.

To get started, simply email Jenne at info@jennesluder.com for the class links and include any questions you may have. You will receive the full schedule of classes plus Zoom links. You can get started anytime. Attend further classes by purchasing a pack of class passes or by signing up for a monthly membership.

Click on any class title below to learn more

Mondays 9:30 – 10:30am EST
Chair-Supported Yoga

Mondays 11am – 11:30 EST
Mindful Pilates

Tuesdays 10am – 11:10 EST
Yoga for Health & Healing

Wednesdays 10:50am – Noon EST
Yoga for Joints, Bone & Spine Care

Wednesdays 7pm – 7:50pm EST
Community Meditation

Thursdays 8am – 8:40 EST
Morning Meditation

Thursdays 9:30am – 10:10 EST

Fridays 11am – 11:50 EST
Gentle & Restorative Yoga

2nd Sundays 2pm – 3:10pm EST
Deep Rest Yoga Nidra

Wellness Membership & The Mind-Body Library

Monthly members enjoy access to The Mind-Body Library, an archive of over 150 videos & guided audio practices including yoga, chair yoga, pilates, chair pilates, tai chi & qigong, mini-trampoline fitness, restorative & resting yoga, guided meditation, guided relaxation, and more. Choose from a wide variety of class options that vary in length from quick 5-minute practices to full 60 minute classes. Monthly memberships also include weekly live online classes (on Zoom) depending on which membership level you choose. Would you like to gift a membership to someone else? Click HERE to learn how.

Membership Options:

$9/month.  Affordable access to all Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation content in The Mind-Body Library (does not include Pilates, Yoga Nidra, or Mantra practices). Discounts for live online classes.

$15/month.  Full access to The Mind-Body Library: over 150 recorded classes including Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Qigong, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and more. Discounts for live online classes.

$30/month.  Attend 3 free live classes on Zoom every month – PLUS – full access to The Mind-Body Library. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$40/month.  Attend 5 free live classes on Zoom every month – PLUS – full access to The Mind-Body Library. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$50/month.  Attend 7 free live classes on Zoom per month – PLUS – full access to The Mind-Body Library. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$60/month.  Attend 9 free live classes on Zoom every month – PLUS – full access to The Mind-Body Library. Discounts on specialty classes and workshops.

$75/month.  Attend unlimited free live classes on Zoom every month – PLUS – free monthly Deep Rest Yoga Nidra sessions on Zoom. Full access to The Mind-Body Library. Discounts on specialty classes & workshops.

Take a peek at The Mind-Body Library ➡️ CLICK HERE

Become a member ➡️ CLICK HERE

4-Day 🌱 At-Home 🌱 Online Meditation Immersion

Thursday July 25th – Sunday July 28th / Summer Weekend Retreat

Participants choose their own level of participation and design their own personal retreat according to what feels most supportive for each person’s schedule, wellness needs, and aspirations at this time (for example: once per day practice, twice per day practice, full schedule, etc).

All retreat sessions are held on Zoom. Registrants receive a pre-retreat handout with suggestions for creating an at-home meditation space as well as other ways to create the right conditions for a successful at-home retreat experience.

Five practice sessions offered each day, from Thursday through Saturday. One practice session on Sunday morning is followed by an optional group reflection to close the retreat.

Monthly Deep Rest Yoga Nidra

2nd Sundays / 2pm – 3:10 EST

Yoga Nidra is a guided lying-down meditation that induces deep relaxation and peaceful states of awareness. Research highlights how Deep Rest practices can release cumulative stress from the body and brain, reducing inflammation and down-regulating stress-hormone arousal while harnessing the body and brain’s natural abilities to heal and recover with focused, structured rest. Monthly Deep Rest Yoga Nidra falls on the second Sunday of every month from 2pm – 3:15 EST.

Qigong & Walking Meditation at the NC Arboretum

Fridays 9am – 10am / September 6th – October 11th

North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville

🔹 Registration Not Yet Open 🔹

Qigong means the skill (gong) of regulating life energy (qi) to improve health. Qigong is the foundation of Tai Chi, a moving meditation that combines flowing postures, breath-work, and meditation in motion. Accessible to all ages and all bodies, Qigong promotes healthy circulation, reduces blood pressure, optimizes joint mobility, releases muscle tension, improves balance and coordination, boosts energy and cognition, and invites a sense of inner calm and ease. Each week our Qigong practice is followed by a slow silent walking meditation to savor the spring flowers, budding trees, and bird song as spring unfolds in the Plants of Promise Garden. Click Here to Register

Tai Chi Ten Form at the NC Arboretum

8 Wednesdays 9 – 10am / July 31st – September 18th

🔹 Registration Not Yet Open 🔹

Tai Chi 10 Form is a simple elegant short form that introduces the signature movements of Tai Chi Chuan in a compact sequence. A wonderful practice for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, participants will learn the basic principles of each movement as well as modifications to accommodate individual needs. Tai chi is a meditative exercise consisting of relaxed and focused movements that clear the mind and calm the nervous system while improving balance, strength, flexibility, stability, coordination, joint health, memory, and attentional skills. Video practices will be provided to assist participants in practicing on their own time between sessions or in the case of missed sessions.

Community Meditation

Free gentle yoga and meditation session every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 7:50 on Zoom. Seated tension-release on a chair or a cushion (your preference), breath-work or visualization to release distress from the nervous system, lightly guided seated meditation, concludes with a progressive relaxation that can be done lying-down or in a reclined position.

All are welcome. No prior experience necessary. This practice can be done in a chair, on the floor, on your couch, or in your bed. To join the group, simply email Jenne so she can send you the Zoom link ➡️ info@jennesluder.com

May all beings be seen, held kindly, and loved. May we all surrender to the weight of being healed.

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