Thursdays 9:30 – 10:10am

Qigong means “cultivation of life-energy.” Qigong is the foundation of Tai Chi practice. Instead of a set sequence like Tai Chi, Qigong consists of a wide variety of slow, flowing movements that calm the mind, release muscle tension, balance the nervous system, strengthen joints and optimize joint mobility, improve circulation of blood, lymph, and boost energy levels. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of qigong in improving physical coordination and balance, mental focus and cognitive health, bone density building, joint stability and mobility, and cardiopulmonary health. Practice of qigong activates the body’s relaxation response, balances the nervous system, increases self-awareness and self-compassion, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

This class consists of 25-minutes of standing Qigong practice followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation. The guided meditation practice can be done either seated or lying-down according to your personal preference.

This is an online weekly class offered via ZOOM, which is an easy-to-use online conference space that you can access via your phone, tablet, or computer. Students will receive once-per-week emails containing a secure link to access the class.

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