Touching Peace: Five-Day Mindfulness Retreat
at Kanuga Lake & Conference Center

Arrive Monday June 12th @ 3pm 
Depart Friday June 16th @ Noon

Kanuga Lake & Conference Center in Hendersonville North Carolina

Let there be an opening into the quiet 
beneath the chaos
where you find the peace 
you did not think possible.

John O’Donohue

– Self-Compassion Practice –
– Gentle Yoga & Qigong –
– Seated & Lying-Down Meditation –
– Walking Meditation in Nature –
– Deep Rest / Yoga Nidra –
– Sound Bathing –
– Forest Bathing –

To touch peace is to come back to the place in us where we feel clear and calm, whole and connected. The distractions and pressures of modern life make it more important than ever that we prioritize pauses and practices that bring us to our inner still point where we can gather what we need to stay close to what matters and to be fully present to the grief and the joy of life.

Contemplative and devotional practice, meditative and mindful movement practice, time spent in nature and time spent in silence are all human rituals as old as time meant to guide us to an inner luminosity where healing and clear-seeing can happen.  

In this 5-day retreat, we will stop, rest, listen, reflect, be present, and nourish our inmost self. We return to the wider world feeling motivated and committed to continue pauses & practices in our everyday lives.

Retreat sessions include self-compassion practice, gentle yoga and meditation, qigong and walking meditation in nature, guided relaxation, sound-bathing, and forest-bathing. The retreat also offers generous free time for personal reflection, connecting with other retreatants, nature walks, canoeing or kayaking on Kanuga Lake, and simply resting and renewing yourself in a peaceful and restorative setting. 

Retreatants will find that there is something for everyone, regardless of physical limitation. No prior experience with yoga, meditation, or qigong is necessary. All are welcome.

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Tai Chi 10 Form in Nature

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8 Wednesdays; 9am – 10am

April 12th – May 31st at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville

Learn a short form Tai Chi practice outdoors in nature in the midst of the spring flowers and bird song at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC. This elegant short form introduces the signature movements of Tai Chi Chuan in a simplified and compact sequence. A wonderful practice for beginners, participants will learn the basic principles of each movement as well as modifications to accommodate individual needs. Tai chi is a safe and effective form of meditative exercise consisting of relaxed and focused movements that clear the mind and relax the nervous system while improving balance, strength, flexibility, stability, coordination, joint health, memory and attentional skills. Video practices will be provided to assist participants in practicing on their own time between sessions or in the case of a missed session. REGISTER

Meditation in Nature at the NC Arboretum

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Connect with nature at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville and enjoy a morning of relaxation and quiet meditation. The session begins with gentle breath-based movement and tension-release. These gentle yoga and qigong movements are easy and calming and can be done standing or seated in a chair (your preference). A silent walking meditation through the garden allows us to be fully present to the wonders of nature. The session closes with a relaxing sound bath that can be enjoyed seated or lying-down (your preference).

Next Meditative Morning at the NC Arboretum:

Sunday April 30th  9am – 10:15 REGISTER

Save the Dates for future Meditative Mornings:

Sunday May 21st  9am – 10:15

Sunday June 25th 9am – 10:15

Sunday July 30th 9am – 10:15

Silent Hike & Forest Qigong

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Enjoy a quiet, mindful stroll through the woods at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC. A silent hike takes us to scenic treasures on the arboretum property where we will do a restorative qigong practice. Qigong is a series of simple flowing movements that supports the body’s natural healing processes, promotes healthy circulation, invites inner calm, and releases tension from the body. Hikes will be mindfully-paced and qigong practice easy and accessible. Limited to 12 participants.

Next Silent Qigong Hike at the North Carolina Arboretum:

Sunday April 2nd  10:15am – Noon REGISTER

Save the Date for the Next Hike: Sunday June 11th  10:15am – Noon 

Silent Hike & Gentle Yoga

Let’s enjoy a quiet, mindful stroll through the forest together. A silent hike takes us to scenic treasures at The North Carolina Arboretum where we will enjoy guided sensory-attention meditation, calming breath-work, and gentle stretching. Hikes will be mindfully-paced and yoga practices easy and accessible, including the option to sit on a bench for any seated practice. Participants will bring their own mat or blanket for lying-down practices and will need to be able to come to a lying-down position on the ground unassisted.

Registration not yet open. Email Jenne at if you would like to receive an email alert when registration opens.

Save the Dates: 2023 Silent Yoga Hikes at the North Carolina Arboretum

Sunday May 7th  10:15am – Noon

Sunday July 9th  10:15am – Noon

The deep happiness of well-being comes from caring for yourself and loving the world.

jack kornfield