Yoga Nidra is a guided lying-down meditation that induces deep relaxation and peaceful states of awareness. Research highlights how Deep Rest practices can release cumulative stress from the body and brain, reducing inflammation and down-regulating stress-hormone arousal while harnessing the body and brainโ€™s natural abilities to heal and recover with focused, structured rest.

Practiced regularly, Deep Rest can restore balance to the nervous system, alleviate persistent cycles of anxiety, improve sleep, reduce symptoms of chronic pain and chronic illness, promote healthy brain chemistry and hormone regulation, and establish a sense of inner balance, mental clarity, and self-compassion.

Each session begins with a calming breath practice and very gentle tension-releasing stretches that can be done seated in a chair or on a cushion. Each Yoga Nidra session includes a light sound bath as part of the lying-down portion of the practice.

Participants who are working through injury, illness, grief, trauma, major life transitions, post-surgical recovery, or other life challenges will find this class to be highly supportive, accessible, healing, and restorative.

Deep Rest sessions are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month online via Zoom. Register and pay for one session or purchase a set of 4 passes at a discount which can be used to attend any future session of your choice (these passes do not expire). Patreon Wellness Members receive a 25% discount (members at the $75/month tier attend for free). Click HERE to learn about becoming a member.

Sliding scale and free sessions are available to those experiencing financial hardship โ€“ simply contact Jenne to request a free or low-cost session:

Single Session $20 / $15 for Monthly Members

Pack of 4 Sessions $65 / $50 for Monthly Members

Upcoming Deep Rest Yoga Nidra Sessions:

Sunday July 14th 2pm โ€“ 3:10

Sunday August 11th 2pm โ€“ 3:10

Sunday September 8th 2pm โ€“ 3:10

*Sunday October 6th 2pm โ€“ 3:10 (Deep Rest will fall on the 1st Sunday for just the month of October)

Try this ancient remedy: when you are tired, rest.

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