*Fridays, 11am – 11:50 (begins on May 24th)

This class is designed to support the natural healing processes of your body, brain, and nervous system. All poses can be done on the floor or in your bed and include poses in a supine, prone, seated, or all-fours positions. Gentle stretches will be interspersed with prolonged resting/restorative poses in which props are used to gently coax the body and mind into relaxation and ease. These practices are ideal for releasing major muscle tension as well as fascia (connective tissues), regulating and toning the nervous system, calming and centering the mind and the body, and strengthening self-compassion and self-care.

This is an online weekly class offered via ZOOM, which is an easy-to-use online conference space that you can access via your phone, tablet, or computer. Students will receive once-per-week emails containing a secure link to access the class.

Your very first week of Zoom classes with Jenne is free. Simply email Jenne for the class links. Attend further classes by purchasing a pack of class passes or by signing up for a monthly membership.

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