I have been working with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and experience for over a decade and have identified three primary approaches to individual sessions. Sometimes a client’s needs and goals fit neatly into one category and other times a combination of the three can best address the whole picture.

Yoga Therapy for Mental Health & Healing the Nervous System. As someone with a personal and family history of trauma and mental health challenges, the life-changing benefits of mind-body practice is what inspired me to become a yoga therapist. Gentle yoga, breath-work, qigong, and meditation practice foster positive neuroplasticity: the life-changing power to regulate and calm your nervous system, to change how you relate to stress, to reduce symptoms of chronic illness, to transform outmoded psychological patterns, and to foster the right conditions to experience more self-compassion, inner peace, and joy. These practices teach us how to access and nurture our inner resources and wisdom, how to return to center in the face of adversity, how to move through grief and trauma, and how to nurture overall resiliency and a better quality of life towards long-term healing. (Deep Rest and Sound Healing sessions also fit nicely into this category).

Yoga Therapy for Physical Health / Supporting the Body. Yoga is like an owner’s manual for the body. Through practice, we can learn how to relieve pain and tension, aid recovery from injury or illness,  manage or relieve chronic health issues, improve circulation of blood, lymph and synovial fluid, care for our joints, improve and maintain flexibility and mobility, strengthen coordination and balance, nurture respiratory and digestive health, sharpen memory and mental focus, reduce blood pressure and inflammation, increase strength and bone density, regulate the nervous system, relieve back and neck pain, and learn to make healthy posture our second nature. And that’s the short list! Individual yoga therapy sessions are an ideal way to identify specific and precise practices that best support your personal needs and wellness goals.

Private Instruction for Deepening Your Relationship with Mind-Body Practice.  Individual sessions are an ideal way to study and explore mind-body practices with a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher. You might be totally new to yoga or interested in trying out meditation or tai chi, but you would rather begin your journey in a one-on-one atmosphere. You could be an experienced yogi or meditator who would like to refresh, deepen, or hone your practice. There are few things I love more in this world than working one-on-one to support and reinforce an individual’s relationship with their personal practice.

Ready to try a one-on-one session? To ask questions or set an appointment: Contact Jenne   828 778 0211  or info@jennesluder.com

Individual yoga therapy sessions can be done in-person or online. In-person sessions are available in either of my office locations in Weaverville and Hendersonville. Online sessions are available over Zoom, an easy-to-use online conference space (similar to TeleHealth) that can be accessed by your phone, tablet or computer. In-home sessions are available in Western North Carolina (may include a travel fee depending on your location).

Initial sessions are 75 minutes in length and include intake, goal-setting, initial recommendations, and a guided practice. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. You may request longer sessions according to your needs. Sliding scale is available at any time for those with limited financial resources. You can purchase a session or pack of sessions in advance, or you can settle up at the time of your appointment.

  Initial Session (75 mins) $99  PURCHASE

 Subsequent Sessions (60 mins)  $85  PURCHASE
If you prefer a longer session, $35 for each additional half-hour

  Dedication Discount: 5 Private Sessions for  $400  PURCHASE