Here’s how

Option A

Step 1. Go to my Patreon page ( If you are a member you will need to Log-Out of your account. Usually you can find the Log Out button by clicking on the three vertical dots at the bottom left corner of your screen.  

Step 2. Type “Jenne Sluder” into the box at the top of the page that says “Find a Creator” 

Step 3. Select which Membership Tier you want to sign your loved one up for.

Step 3. Create a Patreon account for your loved one by entering their name and email address and creating a password for them to use. Be sure to write down the password so that you can send it to them when you notify them of your gift. Type in your payment information. Patreon will send your loved one an email to confirm their account.

Option B

Figure out which Membership Tier you want to gift to your loved one and for how many months. Multiply the monthly payment amount by how many months you want to gift. Give your loved one cash or a check or send them money on Venmo to cover the cost of a membership for “x” number of months. If you go with this option, please send me their email address and I will email them a beautiful digital gift card with the Membership Level you chose for them and the link for them to set up their own Patreon / Mind-Body Library account.