Move-in October 1st or thereabouts (move-in date is flexible)

$800 per month plus utilities (utilities average $150 – $200 per month depending on the season); $750 deposit

I have a petite short-haired cat; the owner prefers no more pets but will consider one more cat if a good fit

No smoking, no drugs; I do not drink alcohol but don’t mind if you do so long as not drinking to get drunk

I have Covid-19 long-hauler syndrome so I ask that anyone sharing the house with me be Covid-conscious and up-to-date on Covid boosters

I am a long-time meditator, avid reader, and I lead mind-body practices for a living, so I favor a fairly quiet contemplative lifestyle and enjoy a peaceful home. However, I’m also a Gen Xer that still listens to The Breeders, am known to bounce on my mini-trampoline to 80’s music, and am a cinephile, so… everything in moderation, including quiet.

I struggle to function in a cluttered environment, so I prefer tidy common spaces and shared housekeeping responsibilities. Be as messy (or tidy) as you like in your personal space ❤️

The House

  • House is in a quiet neighborhood that is walking distance to downtown Hendersonville and Laurel Park (about 1 mile either direction)
  • Master Bedroom is yours (pictures below)
  • Full bathroom is shared and has a large soaking tub + shower (right across the hall from your room)
  • Loads of Storage Space: Master bedroom has a closet and you will also have extra space in the bathroom closet, hallway linen closet, downstairs coat closet, as well as storage space in the basement
  • Full kitchen with gas stove/oven, dishwasher, veggie juicer and ample counter space/food storage
  • Downstairs office with plenty of room to share; I plan to give away the big desk on the right side of the office photo (below) unless you need a desk and would like to have it!
  • Downstairs has a yoga / fitness / meditation space that I use to teach my online classes on weekday mornings and meet with private clients on Thursday afternoons. You are welcome to make use of that space when I’m not using it for work and you are also welcome to make use of my yoga props, pilates weights, rebounder, etc. The yoga room also has a wonderful window seat that makes for a nice reading nook.
  • House has a washer/dryer and central A/C and heat, although the vents in both of the bedrooms are (unfortunately) blocked which is why you see the window A/C unit in the master bedroom photo below. The heat rises in winter so the upstairs rooms stay fairly warm but you can get a space heater if you want it to be cozier.
  • House has large back patio that gets full sun; the owner has made an absolute paradise of the green-space around the house. It’s a fairy-land nature-haven.
  • Living room has wood-stove and the world’s finest Scrabble board. There’s room for additional furniture, fitness equipment or crafting/musical equipment in the living room if you have stuff you want to add/use in that space
  • House has super high-speed fiber internet
  • House has off-street parking

About Me

  • I’m a 42-year old Buddhist bisexual omnivorous female (she/they pronouns) and Asheville native
  • I am a writer and a yoga therapist – I facilitate private sessions, group classes and retreats (meditation, gentle yoga, qigong, tai chi, pilates, all the things). I write about mind-body contemplative stuff.
  • My body strongly dislikes Covid-19, so I teach most of my group classes on Zoom from home (primarily on weekday mornings) and I do in-home private sessions on (primarily) Thursday afternoons. I also lead outdoor classes at the Arboretum and meet with private clients in Asheville & Weaverville. I keep my work and my social life in the low-risk zone in terms of potential Covid exposure.
  • I was a musician in a former life and still sometimes strum the ukulele. I like birding and I enjoy hiking when my long-Covid symptoms are in a dormant phase. I like puns. I love cooking and making up my own recipes. I will probably try to feed you sometimes. I am a low-key fantasy geek and am almost finished reading the entire Discworld series. I also love nature writers and contemplative writers.
  • I go to bed early (8:30ish pm) and wake early (between 5am & 7am). I wear earplugs every night and use a fan for white noise, so I don’t mind at all if you stay up late or come home late, so long as there’s no loud music or loud television
  • I don’t have visitors over very often; I am more likely to go out to meet with friends elsewhere.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send me an email at and tell me about yourself:

  • Hobbies and Lifestyle
  • Vocation (and what your work schedule looks like)
  • What qualities do you appreciate in a roommate and a shared living situation?
  • Sleep habits & Social habits
  • Whatever else you think might help us discern if this is a good fit ❤️

Since I teach a lot, I spend limited time at my desk and on my email. Thank you so much for your patience and if it seems like we could be compatible then I will get back to you as soon as I can (it may take a few days) and we can set up a time to meet.


Master Bedroom (Your Room)
Master Bedroom (Your Room)
Yoga / Fitness / Multi-Purpose Room
Shared Bathroom
Living Room
Tiny Roommate