Practices in 25 minutes or less


Lower Back Relief in 10 mins (All Lying-Down Stretches)

Recharge Your Battery in 10 mins (All Standing Yoga)

The Ultimate Neck & Shoulder Relief Sequence (Chair-Friendly) 20 mins

Whole Body Deep Stretch with a Yoga Strap (10 mins)

Restorative Yoga & Guided Self-Massage (10 mins)

Seated Stress Release for Mind & Body (Chair-Friendly) 25 mins

Stretch Your Spine 7 Ways (Chair-Friendly) (7 mins)

Lying-Down Stretches for the Whole Body (20 mins)

Resting Yoga Pose for Grief, Anxiety, or Overwhelm (7 mins)

Release Tension from the Whole Spine (7 mins)

All Lying-Down Stretches for Low Back & Hips (10 mins)

Bowing to the 10 Directions – Stretching Meditation (7 mins)


Energy Boost & Winter Blues B Gone! (25 mins)

Seated Tai Chi 10 Form (20 mins)

Seated Resistance Band Exercises (25 mins)


15-min Rebounder Fitness / Mini-Trampoline Practice

18-min Rebounder Dance Party!!!

Pilates Quickie! Focus on Curls (20 mins)

Pilates Quickie! Focus on Leg Lifts (25 mins)


Feel Peaceful in 10 minutes (Qigong Moving Meditation – All Standing)

Qigong: Happy Joints & Clear Mind (25 mins)

Earth Element Qigong for Grounding & Anxiety-Reduction (15 mins)

Qigong for Quiet Healing (20 mins) All Standing

Qigong for Inner Light during Solstice (20 mins) All Standing

12 Posture Qigong – All Standing (25 mins)

5 Healing Sounds of Qigong – All Standing (15 mins)

Qigong Tune-Up (25 mins) All Standing

The Eight Silken Brocades – All Standing (25 mins)


Calm & Centered: Dantien Abiding Meditation (10 mins)

Lying-Down Breathing Practice for Relaxation & Respiratory Health (10 mins)

7-minutes to Inner Peace (Seated Breathing Practice)

Chanting Meditation: Here & Now / Clear & Calm (10 mins)

Sunyata Meditation: Progressive Relaxation & Breathwork (10 mins)

Indoor Walking Meditation (10 mins)

Loving-Awareness Meditation (8 mins)

Guided Meditation: Anxiety Release (14 mins)

Tonglen Meditation: Working with Suffering (15 mins)

Return to Stillness Meditation (18 mins)

Hand Mudra Meditation: Return to Center (20 mins)

Guided Meditation: Letting Go Visualization (10 mins)

Strengthening Self-Compassion & Releasing Worry (15 mins)

Pratipaksha Bhavana: Cultivating Equanimity (20 mins)

ABC Breathing to Improve HRV, Vagal Tone & Self-Compassion (15 mins)