Live Music @ The Buchi Bar

I’ll be performing original tunes and choice covers at The Buchi Bar, a new lounge below Rosetta’s Kitchen on Lexington Ave, on Wednesday evening, November 19th. 7pm-9pm.


Deep Peace Gentle Yoga Series – November

Sundays in November @ Anahata Yoga (West Asheville)
5 Sundays: November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.  4pm-5:30pm.
$60. Limited to 15 participants. Click here to register.



This series offers gentle, therapeutic stretches and restorative poses to compassionately open, strengthen, and lubricate muscles & joints as well as improve respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and immune function. Each class closes with a guided relaxation and a guided meditation for stilling the mind and calming the heart. Our theme is taking small and steady steps toward cultivating peacefulness in body and mind. No prior yoga experience necessary.

New Yoga Therapy classes at YAM in Hendersonville


YAM (Yoga & Massage) wellness studio officially opened this month and I am teaching Wednesday morning and Thursday evening classes there. It is an incredibly beautiful studio run by incredibly beautiful people. I’m grateful to be teaching there (and writing the content for their blog & website! Class descriptions:

THERAPEUTIC YOGA, Wednesdays 9:30- 11:00am. Perfect for beginners and highly beneficial for athletes and yoga practitioners of all experience levels. This class applies the practical tools of therapeutic yoga to restore physical and mental wellbeing—whether stretching out over-used muscles, strengthening under-used muscles, recovering from physical injury or emotional trauma, or managing a chronic physical or mental health condition. All are welcome. 75 degrees.

RESTORATIVE YOGA with LIVE MUSIC. Thursdays 4pm-5:15pm. Begins November 13th. Restorative yoga is an active relaxation practice. With the support of blankets and bolsters, the body rests in simple and comfortable postures to coax muscles into opening and relaxing, aid lymph and blood flow, and induce a deeply relaxed state of being. Restorative yoga is a wonderful practice to relieve stress and anxiety, to recover from trauma or injury, or to simply renew and restore your body and mind. 75 degrees.

WARM THERAPEUTIC FLOW. Thursdays 5:30- 6:45pm. Suitable for both beginners and well-seasoned practitioners. This unique class gives a therapeutic spin on the traditional vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on building mental, emotional, and physical endurance through conscious, compassionate breath-powered movement, skillful alignment, and exploring your edge in a strong, meditative practice. 80 degrees.

Yoga Nidra – September Series – Fridays Sept. 19th & 26th @ 2pm

$12 to drop-in.


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that induces full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.  It is practiced lying down, with the aid of blankets and props to comfort and support your body. Each Yoga Nidra class starts with very gentle yoga movements to stretch and open the body. Recent medical research highlights the effectiveness of Yoga Nidra in improving sleep, balancing the nervous system, healing trauma, and managing chronic pain.

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The Mindful Heart

Register Here  for the 6-Week Series “The Mindful Heart: Establishing a Discipline of Self-Love”
The Mindful Heart is a 6-week transformational journey that offers a nurturing and supportive space to dive into personal struggles and explore practical means of establishing a compassionate discipline of Self-love. Continue reading

The Discipline of Self-Love


Trees need light, air, water, soil. They do not try to “rise above” their needs. If those needs are met, they thrive; if not, they fail. We are conditioned by modern society to feel embarrassed and apologetic, to feel that it is a sign of weakness to have needs, especially emotional and spiritual needs. Continue reading

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